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European standard UPVC windows and doors

The standard in quality living

Upgrade your home with high quality UPVC windows and doors. The safer more resilient choice .

HPS offer complete UPVC window and door solutions for your house, condo or business. We have a wide range of styles, frame colours and  glass types available. Block out the heat of the sun, keep dry in monsoon rains and sleep well behind more secure doors.


Feel more comfortable in your home with heavy duty UPVC windows and doors. Safety Glass and robust steel locking mechanisms keep you safe and secure.

Heat Reduction

Keep cool with UPVC windows and doors. Special coated glass reflects the suns UV rays while letting light pass through leaving your home bright, not hot.

Noise Reduction

Sleep better with  UPVC windows and doors. Thick glass, sturdy frames and air tight seals significantly reduce outside noise from entering your home.

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Sliding Windows

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