Security Services

Security Guards for the safety of your Residents

Serving Housing and Condo Developments

Security is considered to be crucial in any location and it is standard practice across the region to have security personnel on site 24/7 for housing developments, condos, hotels and resorts. HPS can supply high calibre security guards to keep an eye on your properties day and night upholding regulations and controlling access.

24/7 Security Operations Across Pattaya

Static Posts

Security Guards at stationary positions such as entrances, receptions and vulnarable weak spots in a perimeter to control access.

Mobile Patrols

Guards tasked with routine grounds and perimeter checks help to show a security presence and respond to any issues.

CCTV Monitoring

Guards observing live feeds can assess situations and deal with them before an issue arises.

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If you are managing a development or commercial enterprise, get in touch with us to see how we can secure your grounds and keep your residents safe, giving everybody peace of mind. Our guards are all fully vetted, trained and disciplined in their line of work.

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